No. Photo Class Wheel Arrang't Builder's No & Year Status Location Notes & References
Midland Railway Company
3' 6" Gauge
6 B 4-4-0 Hawthorn Leslie 2217 of 1891 Displayed Walkaway B6 is the only surviving Midland Railway Co. steam locomotive.  It was withdrawn in 1956 and subsequently plinthed at Geraldton under the ownership of the City of Geraldton. In 1995 B6 was donated to the Swan Shire Council in Perth and moved to the Midland Workshops in 1999 under care of ARHS.  B6 is now displayed at Walkaway Station.
State Saw Mills
3' 6" Gauge
SSM 2 - 2-6-0 Beyer Peacock 5475 of 1911 Plinthed Pemberton Tramway Co, Pemberton SSM2 was built new for a WA timber company to the design of the WAGR G-class & SAR Y-class.  SSM2 was retired in 1967 had been plinthed under a weather roof at Manjimup Mill until donated to the Pemberton Tramway Co, and was transferred to Pemberton on 4 & 5 February 2004. (56) The Pemberton Tramway Co website includes a history of SSM2 and its recent movement on their information page for SSM2.  This photograph is kindly provided by Neil Blinco and shows SSM2 at Pemberton shortly after arrival from Manjimup. (The connecting rods and cowcatcher are sitting on a pallet as these were removed to facilitate SSM2's transfer from Manjimup.)
SSM 7 Refer WAGR loco G 53
Other Users
3' 6" Gauge
Ballaarat - 0-4-0 Victoria Foundry, Ballarat Victoria, built 1871 Plinthed Busselton This historic engine is the oldest surviving Australian-built locomotive, and also the first steam locomotive in WA. 'Ballaarat' was used on a timber tramway near Yoganup, and is named after the original spelling of its city of manufacture.  The loco was withdrawn about 1900 but survived into preservation (23).  Photo (12 May 2002) shows Ballaarat plinthed in a park, under a weather shelter. I believe this historic locomotive now deserves a better home, such as the WA Museum in Perth (1).
Kia-Ora - 0-4-0ST Baldwin 7111 of 1884 Display Railway Museum, Bassendean, Perth A standard Baldwin shunting design, this locomotive is also similar to preserved 'Sandfly' NA1 of the North Australia Railway (1). Photo (9 May 2002) shows Kia-Ora preserved at Bassendean, where the loco was due to move under a new shelter. Kia-Ora had a variety of timber, public works and jetty shunting roles for different owners prior to last steaming in 1961. 'Kia-Ora' is Maori for 'Your Health'. (22)
Preston - 0-6-0ST Hudswell Clarke 379 of 1890 Display Wyndham Preston was one of 4 Hudswell Clarke locomotives (Builders Numbers 377 - 380) ordered by Edward Keane, railway construction contractor, for use building the Midland Railway in Western Australia. Its last user was the WA Government Meatworks at Wyndham.  Preston is now plinthed at Wyndham, together with an historic diesel locomotive.
Six-Wheeler - 0-6-0ST Hudswell Clarke 380 of 1890 Buried Marrawah tip, Tasmania This locomotive had been plinthed outside the Marrawah Hall, Tasmania until dumped in the local tip in 1976; refer to the Hudswell Clarke B/N 380 page.
- - 0-4-0WT Orenstein & Koppel 4058 of 1910 Plinthed Carnarvon Jetty & Light Railway The surviving portions of Orenstein & Koppel No.4058 are plinthed outside the depot of the Carnarvon Jetty & Light Railway.
Kimberley - 0-4-0T Andrew Barclay 1755 of 1921 Operational Carnarvon Jetty & Light Railway Kimberley had formerly worked on the Canarvon pier railway until retired and plinthed in a local kindergarten playground.  It has since been restored to operation at Canarvon.
Polly - 2-2-0WT Aveling & Porter B/No.? of 1880? Plinthed Collie Polly is an interesting hybrid locomotive, representing an Aveling and Porter traction engine which has been modified for rail use with a resulting 2-2-0 wheel configuration.
Snorting Liz - 2-2-0WT Ransome, Sims & Jeffries Plinthed Wilga Snorting Liz was built by Ransome, Sims & Jeffries as a conventional traction engine.  Apparently it was found to be useless in timber industry work on the wet forest floor and so was converted into a 2-2-0WT railway locomotive by the addition of flanged wheels.
Kate - 0-4-0WT Thomas Green & Co 132 of 1889 Plinthed Margaret River Kate's original users were a timber tramway and also the Wyndham Meatworks & pier. This locomotive had been plinthed at Margaret River for many years before being cosmetically restored at Boyanup in 2001, including removal of asbestos boiler lagging.  Kate returned to Margaret River on 25 August 2001, and a shelter has been built to display the locomotive under cover. (11)   This photo shows Kate and a log bogie on display at Margaret River in May 2002.
( - ) - 0-4-0T Replica built in 2006 Operational Yarloop Steam Workshops, Yarloop, WA This interesting locomotive is an outline replica of a Sydney steam tram, built to 3' 6" gauge rather than the 4' 8.5" gauge of Sydney's original Baldwin steam trams.
Other Users
2' Gauge
118 NG15 2-8-2 Henschel 24476 of 1938 Workshop Bennett Brook Railway, Whiteman Park No.118 is an ex-South African Railways NG15 class locomotive which was imported to Australia for preservation in 1985. Following restoration it entered service at the Bennett Brook Railway on 15th October 1994, and continued in use until 2003 when withdrawn for overhaul.
123 NG15 2-8-2 Franco-Belge 2670 of 1949 Operational Bennett Brook Railway, Whiteman Park No.123 is an ex-South African Railways NG15 class locomotive which was imported to Australia for preservation in 1985.  No.123 entered service on the Bennett Brook Railway on 21September 1986 and worked until 1995 when it was withdrawn from service.  After a 12 year gap, No.123 returned to service on 10th May 2007 following an overhaul.
( - ) - 0-6-0T Orenstein & Koppel 4241 of 1910 Workshop West Coast Wilderness Railway, Queenstown One of two locomotives imported by the Lake View Gold Mine, Kalgoorlie, and later used by the Great Boulder Mines. (22) This locomotive was listed at Bankstown NSW, and earlier the Wodonga Woolshed (Vic) in this listing of Preserved Orenstein & Koppel Steam Locomotives. It was transferred to the Queenstown workshops of the Abt Railway in approximately 2000 and a start made on overhaul and regauging to 3' 6".  This photograph of 5 May 2003 shows the loco's upper half sitting on a transport frame in the Abt Railway workshop yard at Queenstown. Nearby were the frames, which had been broadened with new frame spacers, and the wheelsets on new, broader axles.  However work appeared to be progressing slowly.
( - ) - 0-6-0T Orenstein & Koppel 4242 of 1910 Workshop Railway Museum, Bassendean, Perth The sister of O&K 4241 listed above.  The builder's plate of B/No. 4242 is also on display in the small exhibits hall at Bassendean. This photo of 9 May 2002 shows the loco on display at Bassendean.
( - ) - 0-4-0T Haine St. Pierre 491 of 1894 Plinthed Meekatharra This interesting little locomotive is the only example from this Belgian builder preserved in Australia.  It was most recently used by Peak Hill Gold Mines.  The remains of this locomotive are now plinthed in the main street of Meekatharra.  Howard Jones has kindly provided this October 2001 photo of the loco at Meekatharra, together with a left-side view and a rear view, which show the locomotive is missing the right-hand side cylinder and motion together with all backhead fittings.  Hopefully this interesting survivor will one day be restored for display in a better home.
Other Users
1' 8" Gauge
( - ) - 0-4-0WT Freudenstein 175 of 1904 Display Railway Museum, Bassendean, Perth Originally purchased by a gold mining company for use at Kalgoorlie, and last owned by the Western Machinery Company, Kalgoorlie. Handed over to the ARHS for preservation in 1963 (22). This locomotive was due to be moved to a new undercover display. Photo dated 9/5/02.
( - ) (Photo required) - 0-4-0WT Freudenstein 217 of 1905 Operational Canberra area, ACT (See also Freudenstein B/No. 175 above). Most recently ex-Western Machinery Company, Kalgoorlie.  This engine was stored in Perth area during the 1980's. Now owned privately  and operated on a 2km private railway on a rural property near Canberra.
Midland - 0-6-2T WAGR, built 1934 Display Gwalia Ex-Sons of Gwalia (gold mine), Gwalia, where it was used on the firewood tramway. This photo is kindly provided by Geoff Murdoch and shows Midland displayed at Leonora in 1972. Geoff Murdoch's site contains an interesting article providing a history of Midland and the Gwalia firewood tramway and the locomotives which operated there.
Other Users
4' 8.5" Gauge
4079 Pendennis Castle Castle 4-6-0 Great Western Railway (UK) - Swindon, built 1924  Workshop Great Western Society, Didcot Railway Centre, Didcot, UK Ex-Great Western Railway, UK.  This famous locomotive was maintained by the Pilbara Railways Historical Society and operated on Hammersley Iron's railway system in Western Australia's from 1977 to 1999; refer to the 4079 Pendennis Castle page for further information.